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PowerPoint Presentations

1. Measure to reduce disputes in projects.

2. An Introduction to The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988

3. Fire and Marine Insurance Laws

4. Workshop on Applied Management Models

5. Material Management in Armed Forces

6. Legal Aspects in Management

7. Conflict Management Law as a tool

8. Law of Contempt and Media

9. Human Rights and the Indian Armed Forces

10. Fire and Marine Insurance Laws

11. Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958

12. Adjudication of Service Disputes Relating to Defense in India

13. Grievance Redressal

14. Training Workshop on ADR Teaching Practice

15. Training with Live Clients

16. Interviewing and Counselling for Legal Practice

17. Training on ADR Teaching Practice

18. Advocacy skills in litigating practice

19. Negotiation - Skill and Strategy

20. Execution and Registration of Wills

21. Soft skills for airport security personnel

22. Role of Private Universities in Legal Education

23. Training in Legislative Drafting

24. Measures to Reduce Dispute in Projects

25. Laughter and Humor for Law Schools

26. Education and Training for Court Managers

27. Mock Trials

28. Armed Forces Tribunal (Amendment) Bill 2012

29. International Humanitarian Law Lecture 20 - Command and Superior Responsibility

30. Personal Interest and Conflict of Interest

31. Violence against Women

32. The Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill, 2010

33. Children in Substance Abuse and Armed Conflict

34. Children as target of cyber crimes

35. Child marriage

36. Sex crime against children

37. Child labour

38. Trafficking of children

39. International Covenants on Child Rights and Protection

40. Issues Relating to Children

41. Proactive and Imaginative Role of BCI in Legal Education

42. Skills in Legal Education

43. Military Laws and Practices - Future Reforms

44. Military Justice System

45. Impartiality of Military Courts

46. India and the Indian Ocean: Certain Issues relating to Non-Traditional Security

47. Thin Line Between Privileges of Rank and Misuse of Office

48. Indian Armed Forces Perspective in the Background of Low Intensity Conflicts

49. Career in Military Law

50. Ethics and Morality

51. Internship and Externship in Clinical Legal Education

52. Law Relating to Culpable Homicide & Murder in India

53. Different types of meeting

54. Humour

55. Offences against women in India

56. The proposed tribunal to award compensation to Child Victims

57. Depression Among Law Students

58. Post Graduate Studies in Law

59. Law as a Career

60. Interview Skills for Placement for Law Students

61. Internships for Law Students

62. Internships with NGOs

63. A plunge into the legal profession

64. Indian Judiciary on Human Rights & Armed Forces

65. To the aspiring authors

66. Victimization of children and rehabilitation measures

67. Law Enforcement, a challenge in cases of child abuse

68. Right to education and empowerment

69. Role of community and media in child protection

70. Child protection- Social action litigation as a catalyst

71. International Humanitarian Law Lecture 1- Glossary and Definitions of the Terms Used

72. Military Court System Indian Army

73. The State of Discipline of the Military

74. Introduction to International Humanitarian Law

75. Recording of Statements of Suspects

76. International Law and National Security

77. War and Warfare - An Overview

78. Matter of Setting up a Tribunal to Pay Compensation to Child Victims of Sexual Abuse

79. Legal Drafting

80. IHL and New Means and Methods of Warfare

81. Explosive Remnants of War

82. Human Rights and Gender Justice

83. Direct Participation in Hostilities

84. Nani Palkhivala Birth Centenary Celebrations

85. How to make your law college the best

86. International Humanitarian Law Lecture 19 - 70 Years of Geneva Conventions

87. Motivation and Team Building

88. Command responsibility

89. International Humanitarian Law Lecture 21 - Legal Efforts Needed to upgrade and innovate investigation and prosecution in war against terror

90. Execution and Registration of Wills

91. Geneva Conventions: Significance and Current Challenges

92. Dissemination of IHL within the armed forces during the Pandemic

93. A career in Judge Advocate General Department

94. Internships in COVID Times

95. International Humanitarian Law, (Lecture 15)- Distinction between international and non-international armed conflict

96. International Humanitarian Law Lecture 18 - Protection of Different Categories of Persons

97. International Humanitarian Law, (Lecture 14) - IHL In The International Order

98. International Humanitarian Law Lecture 13 - Some Contemporary Challenges in IHL

99. International Humanitarian Law Lecture 11 - International Armed Conflict

100. International Humanitarian Law Lecture 10 - Definition & Relevance of The Term 'Armed Conflict'

101. International Humanitarian Law Lecture 8 - Sources of IHL

102. International Humanitarian Law Lecture 7 - A Brief History of IHL

103. International Humanitarian Law Lecture 6 - Core Principles of IHL

104. International Humanitarian Law Lecture 5 - Glossary and Definitions of The Terms Used

105. International Humanitarian Law Lecture 4 - Glossary and Definitions of The Terms Used

106. International Humanitarian Law Lecture 3 - Glossary and Definitions of The Terms Used

107. International Humanitarian Law Lecture 2 - The basic concepts and purpose

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