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Military Law Hand Book For Commanders

Authored by Nilendra Kumar
Military Law Hand Book For Commanders - Nilendra Kumar

Published by: Universal Law Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN: 81-7534-244-3
2001 edn,
144 pages,
Rs. 130

The book is a compilation which catalogues the powers available to the formation commanders in connection with various aspects having legal bearing.  It aims to appropriately equip them to apply their mind for fair and correct action on a wide range of cases having disciplinary and legal connotations. The information and reference material included in this book would be of practical use to the staff officers at various headquarters and others concerned for the flawless and timely disposal of pending cases.

Part two of the book contains a reproduction of Army Act.


The contents would be applicable to millions of service personnel. Of practical use for the faculty members and students of universities


It contains important rulings and policy letters concerning disciplinary and legal cases along with Human Rights aspects.


High discipline would be the decisive factor in combat. (It serves) a need for wider dissemination of legal provisions to commanders to equip them with relevant inputs for correct and timely disposal of pending cases.


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