Major General Nilendra Kumar

A-Z of Law in Management

Co-authored by Nilendra Kumar
Co-authored by Ms. Neha Chaturvedi
Published by: Manas Publications.
2004 edn,
320 pages,

Rs. 595

There exists a need for corporate students and managers to be aware of the basic provisions concerning law. Not all managers have the background in political science and law. It is therefore necessary for them to be familiar with essential outlines of legal procedures and judicial frame work to enable them to discharge their task efficiently.

Even with top rate lawyers of proven competence and impeccable integrity hired to protect the business interests, it would be desirable for the executives to be deeply integrated and involved in identifying problem to decide the optimum strategy to find the best workable plan to achieve their object.

This book meets that requirement and would enable the management executives to face and tackle multi-faceted situations having legal bearing so as to safeguard interest of their respective organizations effectively.