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                             Courts Martial Under Scrutiny

The articles contained in the book present an in depth analysis of live issues relating to courts martial, military law applications, law of armed conflict and Human Rights. It discusses efficacy of military law machinery in the war against terrorism. This publication will serve as a ready reckoner on various topics relevant to understating and handling of legal and disciplinary cases. A reference book useful to the armed forces officers and of military law practitioners.

Published by : Universal Law Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN : 81-7534-336-2
2005 edn,
Paperback ,
184 pages,
Rs. 195

                         Courts Martial and Military Matters

The book highlights topics such as recent changes made to military law, professional conduct of officers handling disciplinary cases, in-house remedies against courts martial verdicts, futuristic trends in military law, Alternative Disputes Resolution and Human Rights in the context of disposal of disciplinary cases in the Army. Three chapters are devoted to various facets of International Humanitarian Law as relevant in Indian context. This works is an attempt to discuss the complexities of modern legal thought as pertaining to military canvas. The book is a thorough overview of military law.  It is not a treatise that merely describe the law. It points the way ahead.  It is an agenda for change. The book will be of immense use as a reference work not only for students of military law but for commanders at all levels, research scholars, academicians and others interested in the study of military law.

Published by : Universal Law Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN : 81-7049-106-1
1999 edn,
Hardbound ,
202 Pages,
Rs. 495

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