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About the books authored

                           Case Studies on Military Law

This book is the first of its kind carrying detailed analysis of procedural and statutory mistakes noticed in scrutiny of legal and disciplinary cases in the Army. The illustrations are based on 91 actual cases relating to 45 different topics examined during the last few years. The disciplinary action matters also include cases of financial improprieties, grant of maintenance allowance, plural marriage, Human Right violations and arbitration, etc. The studies reflect duties in peace situation as well as active service instances pertain to involvement from  a newly inducted recruit to the high ranking officers. Part II of the book contains a list of all important policy letters.

Published by : Universal Law Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN 978-93-5035-051-5
2003 edn,
Paperback ,
154 Pages,
Rs. 195

                   Military Law Hand Book For Commanders

The book is a compilation which catalogues the powers available to the formation commanders in connection with various aspects having legal bearing.  It aims to appropriately equip them to apply their mind for fair and correct action on a wide range of cases having disciplinary and legal connotations. The information and reference material included in this book would be of practical use to the staff officers at various headquarters and others concerned for the flawless and timely disposal of pending cases.

Part two of the book contains a reproduction of Army Act.

Published by : Universal Law Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN : 81-7534-244-3
2001 edn,
Paperback ,
144 Pages,
Rs. 130

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