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Topic Venue / jouranal

10. International Humanitarian
Law and War Crimes

Lecture at the National Defence College, New Delhi on 18 Jan 2004

11. Legal Tool in Response to
War on Terrorism-An Indian

17th Annual Military Operations and Law Conference, 3-6 May 2004 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

12. Judiciary: Troops in
Counter Terrorism Tasks

Journal of the United Service Institution of India, Vol C XXXI V,No 555, Jan-Mar 2004, page 101 www.usiofindia.org

13. The role of Indian
Judge Advocates in the
War on Terrorism

Journal of the United Service Institution of India, Vol C XXXIII,No 554, Oct-Dec 2003, www.usiofindia.org

14. Legal Issues:
Proliferation Security Initiative
And Regional Maritime
Security Initiative

Journal of the United Service
Institution of India, Vol C XXXIV,No 558, Oct-Dec 2004, page 538 www.usiofindia.org

15. Brief Reasons
in Support of
Findings- courts martial

Address to the Senior BSF Officers at BSF Law Institute ; Chhawla  Camp; New Delhi on 24 Feb 2004

16. Doctrine and Legal Issues
in International Peace operations: An Indian Perspective

Indian Journal of International Law;
Vol 44 No1, Jan – Mar 2004

17. The Use of
Assassination by the
States – A Legal Dimension

External Discussion held at the Institute of Defence Studies and Analysis, New Delhi on 20 Nov 2003. www.idsa@vsnl.com

18. Legal interoperability
In Combined
Multi – national Operations

16th Annual Military Operations and Law Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii,USA, 2-5 Sep 2003

19. Protocols Additional
to the Geneva

Panelist at the Seminar organized by the Indian Society of International Law on 31 Jan 2003 www.isil-aca.org
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